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Congregational Care
The Congregational Care team is responsible for building a sense of community at
El Shaddai Bethlehem Ministries and assisting the Senior Pastors in carrying out the ministry of the local congregation through attentiveness to first time guests, follow up calling, hospital visitation, ministry to senior citizen homes, baptism, counseling and funerals. 
Guest & Hospitality
El Shaddai Bethlehem Guest & Hospitality is a ministry of excellence! Guest & Hospitality is responsible for the first impression people have of El Shaddai. We are ambassadors for Jesus Christ, and this ministry is just as important as the preached word. The impression our guests receive must be a part of the impact they will experience at El Shaddai Bethlehem.
Creative Arts Team (CAT)
The Creative Arts Team (music, dance, and drama) seeks a balanced approach. We are concerned about both the spiritual development of participants as well as the art form and the skills they contribute. Therefore, we make no apologies about the expectations we have for our development. If you decide to participate on this team, please do not be surprised by the rules required for your spiritual preparation and development as well as the quality of your contribution.
Your relationship with God is everything. The latest technology and the greatest, most experienced talent in the world will not make a visual worship leader effective. The core of visual worship leading is your relationship with the Creator of everything visual. Be prepared, but make room for the Holy Spirit to lead you in the midst of the corporate worship before and during each celebration. He will reflect in everything you do on this team. We are creative because our Father is the Creator. 
Kidz Zone
Kidz Zone is a place for all children from age 0 through elementary school designed to train them up in the ways of the Lord, to become agents of redemption and transformation.
Real G - Middle/High School
If you're a middle school or high school student, Real G is the place to be. In Real G, our youth get taught about applying the Word to their everyday and unique lives.
We Cry Out - Corporate Prayer
Prayer is an integral part of El Shaddai Bethlehem.  We gather the first Saturday of every month for corporate prayer, intercession, healing, and worship. 
Married Life
Married Life Small Groups are designed to help you set a solid foundation for authentic, collaborative, and interactive opportunities, to get to know your spouse, or future spouse, and to get better at identifying potential challenges and problem-solving road-blocks to happiness. Learn how marriage is created out of divine order, and how it's based on a covenant relationship to reflect our relationship with God.
Cross Training
These discipleship training classes are specifically designed to acquire in depth knowledge on what the Bible says, no matter how long you've been studying the Word, if at all! No matter what you know of the Word, you will walk away having learned something new.

Sundays 10:00 am

529 E. Broad St., Bethlehem, PA 18018

PH: 610.625.3500

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